Common Fit Problems: How To Get The Best Fitting Dress Shirt

Common Fit Problems: How To Get The Best Fitting Dress Shirt

Charlotte Grainger

How does your dress shirt fit? The truth of the matter is that there are many common fit problems which people tend to encounter. When you find that something is off, you need to go back and review your measurements. In doing so, you should find that you get a more comfortable and suitable fit for your shape and size. Let’s take a look at some of the most common fit problems and, crucially, how you can solve them too.

Too tight around the stomach

Problem: The dress shirt you’ve bought lacks in the stomach area. This is a common dress shirt fit issue but it’s easy to solve. When you do up the buttons, you find that the area stretches and the material looks under strain. Safe to say, it’s not a great look at all. The problem is likely to get worse when the person sits down.


Solution: Of course, the most obvious solution to this problem is making sure that you the midsection of the shirt has a little more material than you think you need. You may well be getting your measurements wrong. The more fabric you have around the belly area, the better the shirt will look. It may be worth referring to a dress shirt fit guide when it comes to working out how many inches you need in this area.


Adjustments: For every half inch you increase the midsection by, you should realize that the circumference increases by a whole inch. That means that you essentially have to double the shirt fit measurements in this area to ensure that you get things just right. This is one of those shirt fit types that can be a pesky issue, and so you may need to work at getting things right. That way, you know it will look fantastic.   

Shirt rises when you raise your arms


Problem: Each time that you raise your arms up in the air, you find that the shirt lifts up too. Sometimes, when the shirt fit is just a little off, you will find that this problem happens again and again. It can be increasingly embarrassing, especially if you are in a professional environment. Exposing some skin when you stretch is never a good idea! It is therefore crucial that you do something about it.


Solution: The main issue here is the fact that your shirt is a little too short for your body. Of course, there is a simple solution. If you happen to tuck your shirt in, you should measure the gap between your trousers and your shirt when you raise your arms. That should give you a vague outline of how much more fabric you need. That way, you can change the measurements of your dress shirt to suit your body shape. It should be a rather simple shirt fit process here.


Adjustments: When it comes to making these adjustments to your sizes, you ought to make sure that you are as accurate as possible. Also, you should be aware that the size will vary a little depending on whether you tuck your shirt in or not — if it’s a tucked in affair, it will need to be a little longer. Any dress shirt fit guide will explain this to you in detail, and so it should not be an issue at all.

Lines and creases from armpits to collar

Problem: When you button the shirt all the way up, you notice that there are visible creases around the collar and armpit area. You find that this makes the overall look of the shirt unkempt. Never fear because this is one of the most common fit problems and, luckily, it’s easy to solve. If you happen to be rather fit or lift weights quite a lot, you’re likely to notice this problem. It is often caused by having extremely developed trapezius muscles, the weight of which pulls the material down somewhat.


Solution: Should you wish to wear the shirt unbuttoned a little, you may find that the shirt fit is no real issue. However, for formal or professional events, you may well need to button the shirt up the entire way. If that is the case, you will need to make some changes to the shirt itself. To make sure that this shirt fits you well no matter the occasion, you will need to make sure that you change the dimensions of the shoulder slope. Doing so should give you a more accurate measurement which may well solve the problem.


Adjustments: Often enough, you will find that a dress shirt fit guide offers a range of options such as ‘sloping fit’. If that is the case, you should be able to get just the right measurements for you in no time at all. That in itself is key. If you can change the dimensions of the fit so that the shoulders allow for a little downward sloping, you will solve one of the most common fit problems in no time at all.

The shirt fit is too wide

Problem: No matter what style of shirt you choose, you always find that it makes you look boxy and larger than you are. The shirt suits your shoulder width, but that follows the fabric down and does not look right. You’ve had issues finding the right dress shirt fit for you in the past and yet, you’ve never managed to find one that works for you. That means that you’ve ended up having an issue when buying shirts from high street stores. You’re not certain that you will ever find a shirt that fits you properly.


Solution: For gentlemen who happen to have strikingly broad shoulders, there is really only one solution to the problem. You need to get a specially tailored shirt. That way, you can be absolutely certain that the item of clothing you get will fit you properly. You should aim to make sure that you get a shirt that tapers in around the waist area. Doing so will mean that your shirt flatters your body shape, rather than making you look large.


Adjustments: When it comes to making adjustments in this area, you need to focus highly on tapering. The aim is for the waist area of the shirt to be much tighter than the top of it. That means that your broad shoulders will not impact the way the rest of the shirt looks at all. The shirt should be tailored to suit your individual body shape so that it follows your size, rather than hiding it away. It’s that simple.

Bump just under the collar

Problem: When you do your buttons all the way up, you find that there’s a bump between the top button and the one just down from it. No matter what you do, this piece of material seems to stick out and looks rather funny. The material seems to create a small bump that you just cannot get rid of no matter how hard you try. That means that you end up having real issues with it on a day to day basis. You may even have considered getting rid of the dress shirt altogether.


Solution: When you have a problem like this one, the natural thing is to assume that there is something wrong with the shirt fit. Well, that may not be the case at all. It could, in fact, be the way that you’re wearing the item itself. There are a couple of easy ways to make sure that you deal with this common fit problem sooner rather than later. For one thing, you could wear a tie and try to deal with the issue that way. It may cover up the bump and get rid of it. You could also change the way that you are ironing the shirt. The crisper the clothing item is (i.e. the better ironed it is), the less likely you are to have an issue like this one right here.


Adjustments: Of course, if there is a major excess of material in this area, you may find that you need to look back at a dress shirt fit guide. You could find that there is a problem with the overall fit of the shirt. Adjusting the measurements here and there could solve the problem and make things easier for you in the long run. It could be worth getting your measurements taken again so that you can solve the problem and look incredible.

The sleeves are too long

Problem: While every other area of the shirt fits you perfectly, for some reason, you find that the arms are too long. The cuffs of the shirt tend to cover too much of your hands and it looks as though the shirt is oversized at the best of times. You don’t feel comfortable folding the sleeves up and even then it only adds to the issue. Ultra long sleeves are one of the most irritating common fit problems of all time.


Solution: Of course, the most logical solution to this issue is to make sure that you get shorter sleeves. However, you need to make sure that you get the dimensions for this absolutely right. Otherwise, you could end up with an entirely different issue (see below!). It’s preferable that you go to a tailor to review your dress shirt fit measurements. That way, you can be sure that you have got the right lengths for your arms.


Adjustments: When it comes to your arm measurements, you need to make sure that you go from the seam on your shoulder to your wrist. Every decent tailor will help you get this aspect of your shirt measurements right. Make sure that you take the time to find the measurements that suit your arm length and, of course, width. That way, you should find that your dress shirt fit is ideal for you. Easy!

The sleeves are too short

Problem: When you put your shirt on, the arms ride up too high on your arm. You are likely to notice this problem particularly when you lift your arms. You find that the rest of the shirt is perfect for your body shape, but this ruins the overall fit of the piece. It’s a real nightmare. You feel that the dress shirt is no longer comfortable and you don’t tend to wear it as much as you should do these days.


Solution: Needless to say, the solution to this issue is to make sure that the arms are a little longer. Again, it’s worth reviewing all of your measurements when you do so. That way, you should find that the dress shirt fit is right for every element of your shape. If you want to make sure that something fits well, this is one of the best things that you can do. It could make all the difference to your shirt fit in the long run.


Adjustments: It’s worth heading to a local tailor to make sure that you get your dress shirt measurements just right for your body shape. You should also refer to a dress shirt fit guide to check that everything is in proportion. Lengthening the arms will mean that the shirt looks better and fits you well. You could also check out the width of the arms to make sure that they are not too tight, nor too loose. It’s that straightforward.

Collar feels too tight

Problem: The collar feels tight around the front of the neck but is somehow loose at the back of the neck. This is one of those common fit problems that everyone comes across now and then and it can be a real pain. What’s more, it just doesn’t seem to make much sense. You will notice that there’s a major gap between the back of the collar and your neck, which will likely be uncomfortable. At the front, the collar may feel a little tight when it’s buttoned up and, again, this will be uncomfortable too.


Solution: The solution to this issue is quite interesting. You need to move the collar forward by an inch. In doing so, you will make sure that the back of the dress shirt has a little more material and hence more space. The front of the shirt will set the collar a little forward, which will mean that the whole thing makes for a better fit. Your dress shirt fit is likely to be much more comfortable when you make this simple change to it.

Adjustments: When it comes to making complicated adjustments like this one, you should trust an expert tailor. Go to someone who you know that you can trust. The adjustment means that the shirt fit is a little different to regular clothing. That means that you will have to get your shirts specially tailored to ensure that they are right from now on.