The Correct Way to Take Your Custom Shirt Measurements

The Correct Way to Take Your Custom Shirt Measurements


There isn’t much point in ordering custom shirts if you get your measurements wrong. The good news is, taking your dress shirt measurements isn’t all that difficult. It’s much easier to take your measurements with the help of a friend, so grab a roommate or partner or spouse and follow these simple steps.

Before You Begin…

Make sure you use a tape measurer that is meant for measuring clothes. Don’t try to make do with the metal tape measurer from your workbench or, even worse, a ruler. If you don’t have a fabric tape measurer, you can improvise with a piece of yarn or string. Use the yarn to measure out your lengths, then simply measure the yarn with a ruler or yardstick. Just make sure that you hold the string at about the same tautness when measuring yourself and measuring the string.

1. Measuring Your Neck

You may know your neck size based on shirts you’ve purchased in the past. This is a good reference point to make sure you don’t really mess up your custom size. But be aware that you may fall between sizes. An exact measurement taken in inches (or even more precisely in centimeters) will ensure that your custom shirt fits beautifully.

To begin, stand up in a relaxed posture looking straight ahead. Don’t tuck your chin down, look up, or tense your neck. Just stand normally. Have your helper drape the measuring tape around the back of your neck and let it rest where your collar would naturally sit. This should be just below your Adam’s apple. Have your helper place one or two fingers under the tape to ensure a more comfortable fit, then take the measurement by crossing the ends of the tape below your Adam’s apple. Don’t pull the tape too tight — let it rest gently against your skin.

Your custom measurements deserve custom style. Make your own shirt exactly the way you want it to be by customizing every last detail yourself. With over a billion possible combinations, you can be sure that your shirt is completely one of a kind. Start designing here.

2. Measuring Your Arm Length

Again, keep in mind your usual measurement as a point of reference. The arm measurement can be a bit trickier to take, and you’ll definitely need a partner’s help with this measurement.

To take your sleeve measurement, again stand in a relaxed position. Have your helper begin the measurement at the base of the back of your neck, right on top of your spine. They should run the tape measurer over the top of your shoulder (it should cross that bone that protrudes a bit at the apex of your shoulder), then loosely run the tape measurer down your arm to the middle of the back of your hand (or wherever you would prefer your cuffs to end).

Once you have this measurement, try taking it using the other arm. If the measurements are significantly different, try again.

You can also take this measurement by standing with your hands on your hips. Have your helper start again from the center base of your neck and run the tape measurer over your shoulder, around the point of your elbow, and down to the back of your hand.

3. Other Useful Measurements

For most custom shirts, the designer only asks for your neck and sleeve measurements. But Original Stitch is different. To help ensure that your shirt fits your form perfectly, we also ask for your height, weight, and T-shirt size. You can also choose between slim, regular, or relaxed fit.

  • Slim Fit — Cut to run along the frame of your chest and torso. Ideal for men with lean builds.
  • Regular Fit — Provides one additional inch of room through the chest. Ideal for men with broader builds or who prefer a little wiggle room in their shirts.
  • Relaxed Fit — Provides one more additional inch throughout the torso. Ideal for men with barrel chests or stout builds.

When you put all of your measurements in, Original Stitch generates a size chart for you that shows the exact sizes of your shirt for each fit option. You can take additional measurements to ensure that your custom shirt will fit you exactly how you’d like.

Once you have your measurements, the next step is to customize your shirt to suit your unique style and taste. Original Stitch has over 500 fabrics to choose from, and you can customize everything from the buttons to the collar to the inner cuff fabric. Take a look at what other members have designed, or start from scratch. Begin designing your next custom shirt now.