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Introducing Hybrid Sensor Shirts
Get ready for the most versatile and functional shirt you've ever owned. Hybrid Sensor shirts are ready for any challenge and can keep up with you, no matter the obstacle. Heat, sweat, wrinkles and a lack of style? They have all met their match.
Zero Wrinkles. Ever.
You'll never need to pack an iron again. Hybrid Sensor goes beyond wrinkle resistant—it's wrinkle immune.
Soft Texture
Unlike other wrinkle-resistant fabrics, Hybrid Sensor is soft, breathable, and doesn't feel like it's coated in plastic.
Quick Drying
The magic of HybridSensor's unique composition allows for shorter laundering time and faster drying, on the go.
Water Absorption
Hybrid Sensor absorbs and evaporates sweat and moisture quickly to keep your skin dry and your shirt fresh.
Top Hybrid Sensor Designs
When style and space-age science come together, great things happen. Take advantage of the leading edge in fashion technology with Original Stitch's HybridSensor. Astronauts have no time for excess moisture, sweat, and discomfort —neither should you. The most versatile and functional shirt on the planet has arrived.

Technology suited for space, now suitable for your day-to-day here on Earth. HybridSensor is the product of extensive research and development in nanotechnology and modern textiles. We are excited to benefit from a joint effort between TORAY and Japan's national aerospace exploration agency, JAXA.
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