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Special “limited edition” tie-ins for “ONE PIECE FILM RED”

Built your own shirt with limited edition design that is live until 1/10/2023.

1. Start with a ONE PIECE base fabric featuring your favorite characters and story elements inspired by the hit Anime series!

2. Style your ONE PIECE pattern with an accent pocket, sleeve, collar or cuff in any additional character print!

3. Size it to you by adjusting your measurements to the perfect, tailor-made fit!

Limited Edition ONE PIECE FILM RED Prints Now Live!

ONE PIECE SHIRTS launches commemorative Shanks “ONE PIECE FILM RED” Design *Available until November 30th.

Limited Edition Shirt in Midnight Black


Shanks Limited Edition Print in Midnight Black

This Shanks Limited Edition Print in Midnight Black is a bold and stark design with Shanks' face displayed on the back of the shirt accompanied by the pirate flag of the Red-Haired Pirates on the front hem tag. Customize it to your liking by choosing between long-sleeve, short-sleeve, different silhouette styles, as well as custom ONE PIECE buttons!

Price: Starting at $149 * Shipping & tax not included

Style Options: Men’s and Women’s Casual Shirts, and Relaxed Shirts

Size: XS-5XL (Custom Sizing Available)

ONE PIECE FILM RED Limited Edition Shirt Tag

ONE PIECE FILM RED Limited Edition Hem Tag (Front)

ONE PIECE FILM RED Limited Edition Hem Tag (Back)

ONE PIECE FILM RED Limited Edition Shanks Design in Midnight Black




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