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New One Piece Fabrics Are Sailing Your Way!




Original Stitch is launching a new fleet of One Piece fabrics. Now fans of the anime can represent their favorite characters’ changes from the East Blue saga, the Alabasta saga, and the One Piece Film: Red. This set of fabrics will focus on powerful new and former Seven Warlords of the Sea members, Luffy himself, and pivotal Straw Hat Crew additions. 26 brand new character designs from beloved heroes and villains like Brook, Luffy, Nami, Uta, Shanks, and Bartolomeo will be available for customization upon launch!

Create the perfect comic convention or watch party dress shirt, mask, bandana, or pillowcase with any of these 26 fresh fabrics. Shirts can be designed for men, women and children as casual, relaxed, or button up styles. Mix and match character fabrics to fashion unique portrayals that are truly one of a kind.

4 new button types can also be used to further customize a deliberate theme. Use the String-String Fruit button on a Donquixote Doflamingo dress shirt. Add Shadow-Shadow fruit buttons to a Gecko Moria motif. Smile fruit buttons are perfect for Beasts pirate ensembles while Flower-Flower fruit buttons enhance any Nico Robin design. Overall, there are 18 One Piece buttons to choose from, so have fun exploring different options!

Discover the thrill of designing your own One Piece memorabilia with more features, fabrics, buttons, and characters than ever before.



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