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3 Trendy Ways to Wear Original Stitch One Piece Shirts



3 Trendy Ways to Wear Original Stitch One Piece Shirts

Giant Slingshot Kabuto

This Giant Slingshot Kabuto fabric is ripe for trendy pairings befitting explorers of the Grand Line. It features end to end laid variations of Usopp’s weapon in monochrome brown. The use of monochrome brown makes the Giant Slingshot Kabuto shirt very easy to pair with jeans, but if you’re looking for something a bit trendier, might we suggest playing off of the monochromatic color palette? Adding a stand collar gives Giant Slingshot Kabuto an edge over other dress shirts, but it’s the addition of a Mountie hat – like the one featured above – gives off a Straw Hat vibe that we think will work well for anyone wanting to become King of the Pirates.

Nami’s Dot

Any fan of One Piece will likely be familiar with this next fabric. Nami’s Dot features Nami’s signature tattoo that symbolizes her time as captive of the Arlong Pirates. Show your solidarity with the Straw Hat crew’s orange haired navigator in this subtle homage. Baggy slacks and sneakers are a bold, trendy, choice for doing just that. Grey slacks, as pictured above, work well, and so do the blue sneakers. If you’re going with slacks that stop above the ankles (or shorts for that matter), try linking your sock color to the tangerines which are also featured on the fabric for an added bit of style.s

Cotton Candy Chopper

Make use of this Cotton Candy Chopper fabric and you too can be a well-dressed Human Human Fruit user. What we love about this shirt is how easily it can be accessorized. Suspenders and black slacks contrast the brightly colored Cotton Candy Chopper dress shirt, while rolled pant legs allow wearers to bring things back to vibrant with colorful socks. If you’d like to keep the look strictly punk, then maybe try a pair of Doc Marten’s 1460 boots.

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