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Women Who Wear One Piece: A Style Guide

The Going Merry

This Going Merry fabric is the perfect fabric for chic, trendy, looks that serve to share your One Piece fandom with others in the know. To the untrained eye, the pattern on this fabric is simply a blue and grey houndstooth pattern. But up close it becomes very apparent to anyone familiar with the Grand Line that each “houndstooth” shape is the Going Merry as seen from above.

Zoro’s Wise Saying

“Scars on the back are a swordsman’s shame.” If you know that saying, then you know that Roronoa Zoro has plenty more where that came from. Show off your affinity for the aspiring world’s greatest swordsman with this Zoro’s Wise Saying fabric. The fabric features Hiragana styled Japanese lettering on a dark backdrop. The contrast is easy to pair and easier to wear. Become the pirate hunter you always knew you were. Or at least pay homage to him. Zoro’s Wise Saying puts you in a unique position to do exactly that.


Buggy the Star Clown, captain of the Buggy Pirates, was once an apprentice of Shanks and his crew the Roger Pirates. He ate the powerful devil fruit which allows him to split his body into separate pieces and control those pieces however he wants. Because of the Chop Chop Fruit Buggy is immune to stab and slice wounds, making him a formidable opponent and the perfect character to feature on a One Piece dress shirt that’s as edgy as it is sharp.

Cotton Candy Chopper

Make use of this Cotton Candy Chopper fabric and you too can be a well-dressed Human Human Fruit user. What we love about this shirt is how easily it can be accessorized. Suspenders and black slacks contrast the brightly colored Cotton Candy Chopper dress shirt, while rolled pant legs allow wearers to bring things back to vibrant with colorful socks. If you’d like to keep the look strictly punk, then maybe try a pair of Doc Marten’s 1460 boots.

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