“ONE PIECE SHIRTS” 1st anniversary design is now live!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary ONE PIECE Shirts!

2023/3/16 "ONE PIECE SHIRTS" celebrates its first anniversary by launching a special print in collaboration with the Straw Hat Crew who love parties♪

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of ONE PIECE Shirts, The Straw Hat Crew Gather Together! ♪The anniversary print features a colorful representation of the "feast" scene that the Straw Hat Crew love. The happy crew looks as if they are celebrating the first anniversary of "ONE PIECE SHIRTS"!


Take a stroll down memory lane with a look back at the first year of "ONE PIECE Shirts!"It all started with the first release of the "East Blue Edition" and continued on to the most recent launch of the "Worst Generation." Original Stitch, in partnership with ONE PIECE, has released a total of 159 unique character designs. These characters include the Straw Hat Pirates, Ace, Shanks, Vivi, Hiruluk, and other popular characters. Happy 1 Year ONE PIECE Shirts!




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