“The Worst Generation” is now live!

11 of the "Worst Generation" ONE PIECE Prints

Original Stitch is now offering new prints from the "Worst Generation!” Packed with prints featuring "Super Rookies,” "Marshall D. Teach," Luffy, Zoro and the strong guys. Get your hands on this (super) unique lineup!

Monkey D.Luffy


If you are a big fan of Luffy, this fabric will be irresistable. Let the pattern allow you to become Luffy with the many various facial expressions represented in this fabric.

Roronoa Zoro


A boldly designed piece of Zoro's wise saying, "I will never lose again.” This fabric has a Japanese-feel in the design giving you an extra edge of uniqueness while also making a great accent to your outfit.

Trafalgar Law


Show your affinity for the Op-Op fruit user Trafalgar Law with this Death ROOM dress shirt pattern. This shirt is perfect for any occasion, whether you're attending a convention, going out with friends, or just want to make a statement. Its tailored fit makes this high-quality fabric a versatile piece that adds a touch of attitude to your wardrobe.

Eustass Kid


This Magnet-Magnet Kid dress shirt pattern is tribute to the popular One Piece character, Eustass "Captain" Kid, and his infamous ability to manipulate metal. The flashy design features a striking cement gray backdrop that is adorned with the word "KID" in bold black letters, but it’s the iconic post-time skip metal arm peeking through slabs of concrete that really sells this as a Captain Kid original.



If you have a passion for designing your own exclusive One Piece gear, then this Heads Up dress shirt pattern is a great place to start. The white fabric serves as the perfect backdrop for the polka-dot-like pattern of Eustass Kid's wild red hair and Killer's distinctive blue and white mask. Use Heads Up to create a great conversation-starting dress shirt and turn heads wherever you go.

Capone Bege


Tanks & Castles is a unique One Piece dress shirt pattern that is sure to turn heads. Its dark grey backdrop is designed to resemble the walls of a castle – giving the shirt a rugged look – but in the foreground Capone Bege, a notorious mafia don-turned-pirate, can be seen riding around on a miniature tank. Add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe and customize Tanks & Castles into One Piece memorabilia you can wear.

Jewelry Bonney


Make a statement on your next dinner date with this attractive Big Eater Bonney button up. The padua green color is fun and vibrant, but it’s the pink Jewelry Bonney lips surrounded by a bevy of pizza slices that truly pays homage to Bonney’s favorite pass time. Representing the Worst Generation has never looked so good. Yummy-fy your wardrobe. Design the ultimate One Piece keepsake with Big Eater Bonney.

Basil Hawkins


Your future looks good with this Tarot of Hawkins dress shirt pattern in the mix. The design makes use of Basil Hawkins' Tarot Cards interspersed with strands of straw. Most of the cards are face down, showing off their yellow four-point star designs, but there are a few face-up displays that feature Basil Hawkins, The Fool, and others. Pair this button down shirt with black jeans and light grey hi-tops for a bit of streetwear style.

X Drake


X Drake ate a rare species of Ancient Zoan, Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Allosaurus. The design expresses the duality of the Allosaurus and its human counterpart, X Drake, with the motif of the Allosaurus. The design is unified in monochrome and expresses strength.

Scratchmen Apoo


Crash onto the scene with visual fanfare in this Tone-Tone Apoo button down. It’ll crank any wardrobe pairing up to 11. Not only does it feature a soft brown backdrop on which concentric circles reverberate to show off Scratchmen Apoo’s impressive soundwave attack, but the Kanji words for “Boom” and “Punch” are prominently displayed in case you need to spell it out.



Beef up your wardrobe with this Beaded Urouge dress shirt pattern. It’s a unique design that features the Mad Monk’s iconic flame tattoos rendered in rich navy blue. The red beads that adorn Urouge's neck are also prominently displayed, adding a pop of bold color to the soft powder blue backdrop. Customize Beaded Urouge to suit your personal style and it’ll do the heavy lifting regardless of what you pair it with.

Marshall D. Teach


Pay homage to one of the Four Emperors with this Laugh Now, Blackbeard dress shirt pattern. The black backdrop is dotted with flecks of white and wisps of purple, creating a mesmerizing pattern that looks like a starry night sky. The overall effect is both fun and energetic. The shirt's most distinctive feature, however, is the signature laugh of Marshall D. Teach, better known as Blackbeard, written in Japanese characters. The phrase "Zehahahaha!" captures the wild and unpredictable nature of this notorious pirate and adds a touch of humor and irreverence to the design.



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