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How long does it take from order to shipment?

Depending on the brand, the time needed to make the shirt will be different. Click here for a specific timeline.

Please note that additional time may be required in the holiday season.

【Orders of more than 2 products】

We use two factories in Japan, and your shirts may be processed by them separately. There are certain fabrics that are only available at a certain factory. Please note if that is the case, the items you ordered may be delivered separately.


After the shipment is completed, the tracking number will be displayed in your order history. Please check the delivery status from the links below:

※For those who order shirts and polo shirts in Japan【Sagawa Express】

※For those who order masks and bandanas in Japan【Yamato Transport】

※For orders outside Japan【DHL】

What are the different states of an order?
1. Ordered

We received your order and will begin processing it soon!

2. Sewing

We are processing your order now.<br />You can no longer modify your order details.

3. Preparing for Shipment

Your order is ready to be shipped, and waiting for the carrier to pick up. Your carrier tracking number will be updated within a couple of days.
For orders in Japan, the carrier will be Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.
For orders outside Japan, the carrier is DHL.

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