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Original Stitch originated in the U.S. and was created by an engineer working in Silicon Valley who wanted to easy design and buy beautiful perfectly fitting clothes from home. We aim to continue this vision by providing custom products that exceed expectations by making the most of the people, experiences and systems that we have gained.

Variety of customization

We offer more than 200 types of hand selected fabrics, including imported fabrics from long-established Italian manufacturers and functional fabrics such as wrinkle-free.
You can also choose different fabrics for your collar and cuffs, embroidery, button types, and other details to create your own unique shirt.

Skilled Sewing Techniques

Utilizing Japanese craftsmanship backed by years of experience, we provide custom made to measure products tailored to you with reliable techniques carefully crafted one by one.
Please enjoy our custom products that cannot be found in stores.

Japanese Craftmanship

The garments are made one at a time in Japan with the knowledge and know how we have gained from our experience and desire to deliver better products.
”Custom” is pursued while adjusting the sewing machine speed, thread tone, and holding pressure to create each product unique to each customer.

Our Promise to Pursue Sustainability

At Original Stitch we focus on using cleaner alternatives such as plant-based packaging materials to help towards a healthier environment. We are striving to cut down on waste in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, and do our part to help slow global warming. We will continue to do what we can to make the world a better place.

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