NOW LIVE: “Yu Nagaba” artist collaboration


From 10/21/2022 (Fri.) to 11/16/2022 (Wed.) 18:00 PST, a special collaboration between popular artist Yu Nagba and Pokemon shirts is now available!
Pikachu, drawn with the soft and casual touch unique to Yu Nagaba, who has many fans both at home and abroad, is a design that will please both fans of Nagaba and Pokémon fans.
Take this opportunity to check it out!

Collaboration Patterns & Embroideries!

For the Yu Nagaba collaboration two printed patterns and one embroidery will be added to the Pokémon Shirts Lineup. The Yu Nagaba prints can be customized as a full shirt pattern or as an accent on collars, and cuffs. The Yu Nagaba embroidery can be combined with base fabric shirts or added on top of existing Pokémon patterns.

Yu Nagaba
Artist, born 1976 in Tokyo. Known for his artworks that are drawn only with simple and few lines. In addition to exhibiting his works in Japan as well as internationally, he has also participated in numerous art fairs as an artist, while also collaborating with brands in advertising and apparel.

October 21,2022 - November 16,2022 18:00 PST
Shirts from USD119 (tax / shipping fee not included)

*Customization is available in Men's Dress Casual and Hawaiian shirts, Women's Dress Casual and Hawaiian shirts, and Kids' Casual and Hawaiian shirts.
*Prices shown are exclusive of shipping charges.
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