Pokémon Shirts Sizing is now available! Now it's easier than ever to choose your shirt size!


A new body measurement service, Pokémon Shirt Sizing, is now available on Pokémon Shirt. This service allows you to take highly accurate body measurements of your entire body with your clothes on, and now we can offer you a shirt sized to fit each and every one of our customers.
Why not take this opportunity to create the perfect shirt for yourself?

About Pokémon Shirts Sizing

Pokémon Shirt Sizing allows you to take two photos of the front and sides of yourself with your smartphone while wearing your regular clothes and enter simple information to get highly accurate measurements of your overall body size.
This service is perfect for first-time shirt shoppers or those who have had trouble finding the right size when purchasing shirts online.

Concept Movie

It shows a certain trainer struggling to get Pikachu's measurements in order to give him a shirt. At the end of the video, the secret of the "Pokemon shirt" logo is revealed ......?
Please pay attention to Pikachu's cute gestures.

Free shirt remake service is also available for the first purchase only!

If the size of the shirt you receive does not fit you, we can make a free size adjustment for your first order only by contacting us within 60 days after the product is shipped.
The application can be easily made through our website.

*For detailed size guarantee criteria and inquiries, please click here.