How to Order

How to order

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Choose a design from the list below! You can choose your favorite pattern from 493 different Pokémon patterns!

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  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Hoenn
  • Sinnoh

Product Details

Choose your favorite bandana by selecting a design from 493 different Pokémon patterns. Put this piece to the test by styling it on an accessory like a purse or bag or simply carrying it around as a handkerchief.

Vertical 22 inch / 55.8 cm × Width 22 inch / 55.8 cm
$19 ~ (tax / shipping fee not included)
Shipping Fee
$10 for shipping masks
$198+ purchase including shirts/polo/masks/bandanas receive free shipping
  • All 151 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version
  • All 100 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version
  • All 135 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version
  • 107 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version
Region of Delivery
Japan, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico
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  • The bandana image is for illustration purposes. The actual product may vary depending on the fabric.
  • This product is a "hygienic product" that comes into direct contact with the skin, so we cannot accept returns or exchanges.
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