How to Order


Choose a pattern

Choose a front design from the list below! You can choose your favorite pattern from 493 Pokémon!

Choose a Pokémon pattern

Choose a back mesh fabric color and size, then place your order

Once the pattern on the front side is decided, select the color (white, black, pink, blue) of the mesh fabric on the back side and your size.


Choose from Pokémon

  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Hoenn
  • Sinnoh

Product Details

Pokemon masks

You can order your own mask by choosing from 493 different Pokémon patterns on the front side and 4 colors of breathable mesh fabric on the back side.

S / M
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$19 - $20.5 (tax / shipping fee not included)
Shipping Fee
$10 for shipping masks
$198+ purchase including shirts/polo/masks/bandanas receive free shipping
Available Fabric
  • All 151 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version
  • All 100 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version
  • All 135 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version
  • 107 Pokémon patterns from Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version
back side
  • 4 colors of mesh fabric (white, black, pink, blue)
  • 2 colors of Premium mesh fabric (white, black)
Region of Delivery
Japan, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico
  • Our current after your order is placed.

  • The mask image is for illustrative purposes only. Depending on the fabric, the actual finish may differ.
  • This mask is intended to be used as a fashion item and is not a practical product. It is not intended to be used as a fashion item.
  • This product is a "hygienic product" that comes in direct contact with the skin, and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged.
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About Size





S sizeM size
Vertical4.4 inch / 11.2 cm
(folded 3.8 inch / 9.7cm)
4.8 inch / 12.2 cm
(folded 4.2 inch / 10.7cm)
Width3.3 inch / 8.3 cm3.7 inch / 9.3 cm
*Please note that because it is a sewn product, an error of roughly ± 0.2 inch (5mm) may occur from the above size.
Mask size description