About Pokémon Shirts

Welcome to Pokémon Shirts. Here, you can combine the patterns of your favorite Pokémon to create a fashion statement that's all your own. From Dress Shirts used for business meetings, to Casual, Hawaiian, and Polo Shirts for a more relaxed feel, Pokémon Shirts are handcrafted and customized specific to you. Start with your favorite character as the base fabric and add on different customizations including a character pocket, different collars, and unique cuffs.

Design the shirt that's just right for you with Pokémon Shirts and take your favorite Pokémon with you on your next adventure.


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Pokémon Shirts Sizing

Pokémon Shirt Sizing allows to take two photos of the front and sides of yourself with your smartphone while wearing your regular clothes and enter simple information to get highly accurate measurements of your overall body size.


Sustainable Initiatives

Pokémon Shirts are made to order, which helps to reduce the amount of waste being added to the planet due to surplus production. We now utilize on-demand printing of fabrics to prevent unnecessary excess waste and cut down on overproduction. On-demand printing is an efficient and environmentally friendly production method that allows us to print only the required amount of fabric for each order.

Pokémon Shirts also come packaged in plant-derived resource materials, which helps to reduce CO₂, a cause of global warming.


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