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If in doubt, this classic style will serve for almost all occasions. Balanced and stylish it goes with anything, formal or casual. It looks great with any pattern, color or fabric. Dress it up or dress it down, you can't go wrong with this collar.
Semi Wide
A favorite style for dressier occasions. If you really want to show the gorgeousness of your tie or look a little bit more formal than usual this style will work wonders. Also for a rounder face or a short neck the vertical slant of our semi-wide collar will give your face the semblance of length and definition.
Wide spread
This collar is a bolder take on the regular classic. It is larger and has a very pronounced spread that favors fuller tie knots like a Windsor knot but can also be left undone for a more gallant confident look. It's best for occasions when a little swagger is called for.
Cut Away
This collar really opens things up. If you're tall or have a triangular face, this style will soften the hard edges and balance things out. It also works when you really want to highlight your neckwear.
Also known as a club collar, this style has its origins in the uniform of the elite English boys school Eton and dates from the 1800s. It is considered quite dressy and suits an elegant suit or a sports jacket. Rounder gentlemen should avoid this style as it will emphasise circular features.
Also known as a Mandarin collar, this style originates in Imperial China but has been adopted by the dress uniforms of many militaries, by great statesmen like Jawaharlal Nehru and by super-villains like James Bond's nemesis, Dr. No. Whoever is wearing it, this is a no-nonsense, dignified and stylish collar.
Button Down
Inspired by the English polo shirt, the buttons on this collar prevent flapping in an active setting. Perfect for sporting events and superlative smart casual, this style even works with a bow tie. Just never wear it with the buttons undone.
Dual Button
The extra button on this collar adds a little extra height and makes the shirt look more stately and distinguished. Good for gentlemen with longer necks and another collar that really frames a nice tie well.
Short Point
The classic collar but with short collar bands. For gentlemen with with shorter necks this style will work better.
Short Button Down
The classic button down collar but with short collar bands. Sport and casual especially for gentlemen with with shorter necks this style will work better.
Round Button Down
The Eton or club collar but with short collar bands. Dressy and refined, for gentlemen with with shorter necks this style will work better.
Also known as a tab collar, this style creates a snug fit for a tie know and pushes it forward to create a perfect, neat as snappy look. While it works with all faces and holds things neatly together all day this style is especially suitable for men with long faces as the tie takes a bit of attention away from the face length.
Cuff Style
A rounded cuff is a simple barrel cuff with the shapeless rounded out to give a slightly more relaxed feel. This style is most often paired with button collars to match the sporty casualness.
This cuff is also known as a metered cuff and has had the corners 'metered' or cut at an angle. It is a subtle detail but creates a sharp look that suits more professional or formal occasions.
Big Round
This variation of the rounded barrel cuff is even more open and relaxed. It's great on a sporty or smart casual shirt.
Big Angle
This variation on the angle cuff makes even more of a statement. Sharper, and even more professional.
Also known as a barrel cuff this style of cuffs is the most formal apart from the French cuff worn with cufflinks.
The most formal of all cuffs, the French cuff is twice as long as regular cuffs and is folded back and fixed with cuff links to form the most stately style. This style is best worn with the most formal things in your wardrobe and of course some swanky cuff links.
A classic pearl white
A slightly daring purple
A subtle, stylish brown
A smokey, smooth gray
Dark Gray
A shiny dark gray
Wine Red
A passionate and daring wine red
Saxe Blue
A sky subtle baby-blue
A soft pink
A formal shiny navy
Marbled Black and White
A styling marbling of classic black and white. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Marbled Cream
A marbled beige and cream. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Deep Wood Glaze
A deep woody brown with a glaze finish. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Smokey Haze
A hazy grey with a smokey finish. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Light Natural
A natural, relaxed resin finish. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Earth Natural
A gorgeous burned special effect has been added to this classic natural button. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Rusted Wood
A rustic, dark coconut style. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Marbled Gray
A stone-like gray marble effect. *An Original Stitch Exclusive Style. 
Monogram Colors
Saxe Blue
Wine Red
Back Styles
Side Pleats
Side pleats are a cleaner and slimmer look. With the pleats near the shoulder blades they tend to be more subtle and align better to the shape of the back. They don't allow quite as much movement however and so suit more formal occasions rather than active ones.
Box Pleat
The box pleat is the most common for mens shirts with the good reason that is a classic and relaxed look. It is less formal than side pleats and matches anything smart casual. It allows more movement than other styles which adds it is utility. Gentlemen with sloping shoulders would also find this more comfortable than side pleats. It can sometimes add fullness to the waist in the back so is often a bigger look.
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